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Individuality is KEY
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Date:2008-04-14 20:33
Subject:Good Things

I am employed again. Its a nice feeling to know that I am going to start work on monday next and getting a paycheck every week. But the even better thing is that I got the foreman position. Its second shift, which really sucks because I won't get to see Thalia very much durring the week(unless I get up real early, which happens on occasion) but Its good because I will get to do that work I wanted to do with tim. The pay is decent enough for the time being. I have no doubt that I will get a raise soon enough. So because of my employment, G said that we sould go out to eat. We went to the new Indian place on the NE side. I like Taj Mahal better, the portions are larger, slightly cheaper, and their spicy is spicier. I was rather disapointed that their spicy was very weak. Shitty deal, because the resturant itself was very nice.

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Date:2008-04-08 10:11
Subject:Do I get the job?

I had an interview with D.A.D. yesterday for the second shift foreman position. (for those that don't know D.A.D. is where I worked before I went to PA for school) The interview went well as far as I could tell. There were a lot of questions about my character and my goals for the future ( I think that I lost a little with those because I honestly told them that I don't plan on working there till retirement. I have greater plans for my future, but this is a stepping stone I think I need to take). This job would give me the time durring the day to work on getting my hot rod and custom shop opened. My friend Tim has a shop outside of town that he got started last august where he is doing custom paint work. He wants to get into custom modifications also but he just doesn't know what he is doing in that area. I think we would work well together with me working part time and him doing his paint thing. Paint is more time consuming than my sort of work usually. Well, Steve (my hopeful new boss) said that he would get back to me soon. I hope that means sometime this week. I really want to get back on the job.

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Date:2008-03-29 02:35
Subject:home finally

Not that anyone really reads my journal but..... im home from PA School was good. I got to meet a lot of cool people and a lot of childish assholes. But Im home now and looking for work. I am having my welcome home/ belated birthday party tonight so I will get to see all my friends that I haven't got to hang out with in a long time. I am very excited. The beer will flow. I also get to introduce people to the great game of beer pong yea

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Date:2007-05-25 15:38
Subject:lpg conversion

I am in need of info. I have an 87 VW golf 16 valve 1.8L GTI that I want to convert to LPG. I can install it myself with no problem but I need to do it as cost effectivly as possible. If anyone knows of any resources for finding the under hood components at a reasonable price that would be tons of help.

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Date:2006-01-05 10:44
Subject:its a rare occasion
Mood: giggly

ok anyone who reads this knows that I dont write in my own journal very much. Everything that happens in my life is graciously reported by my lovely lady "misplacedmind" but she posted a "survey" which rock band are you? (I HATE SURVEYS AND QUESTIONAIRES AND SHIT LIKE THAT WITH A PASSION) anyway I had to do this one and I am glad I did.

you are pantera
You are Pantera. You are the classic all-out
headbanger. You have absolutely no regard for
tomorrow and its consequences. You love
drinking, smoking, and having sex. You are
vulgar, strong, and ruthless. Many people look
up to you.

What metal band are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Date:2004-06-22 09:55
Subject:The internet finaly works


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Date:2004-02-13 09:01
Subject:Irresistable Sexuality yeah

Your Superhero Persona by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameThe Mexican
Super PowerIrresistable Sexuality
EnemyThe Landlord
Mode Of TransportationMotorcycle
WeaponCheese Cutter
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

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Date:2004-02-05 15:33
Subject:doin' ok so far

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

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Date:2003-12-02 12:02
Subject:Farking liberal art schools

Im back again and once more just to bitch and moan. I just got notification from the registrars office on my petition for withdrawl from bitches class DENIED withdrawls are for extenuating circumstances like medical and family problems. This I wish they had told me at the beginning. I had to withdrawl with an F ok big deal Why let me think I have a chance to get out without any hurt to my transcript when there is no chance of that Not to mention the note that the dean put on the petition form "sean had a particulary strong, negative outburst in a class and was repetitively disruptive. I have spoken with (bitch teacher) about this. It is in seans best interest to withdrawl from the class. This will also be beneficial to the class." JESUS I am a bit of a clown thats all. This school has really upset me. are there any schools in this country where the teachers are not afraid and put out by a student that has a strong personality, that questions the instructor, and will not back down when the student believes that he is right???? ;lasdkfjuiravln;jklsdfaasdf;jklasdf;jkl (taking anger out on keyboard) well thats my bitch of the day

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Date:2003-10-23 09:16
Subject:boo yah!!!
Mood: much better now

I absolutly love the dragons of pern books by Anne McCaffery this quiz really tweaks my literature side

You are a green dragon! You are small and fast,
the sprinter. You are smart, and you know how
to get what you want. You rise to mate more
often than the larger queens, but you do not
lay eggs. You tend to speak your mind and
express your emotions freely. You work
extremely well when paired with a female human
partner. You are the most common color of
dragon, sometimes making up as much as a full
half of a clutch of eggs.

What color of Pernese dragon are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

<img src="http://images.quizilla.com/L/linkinbennington/1055276619_sgodkitten.jpg" border="0" alt="HASH

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Date:2003-10-23 08:59
Subject:a totaly free morning what to do?
Mood: annoyed

spend my morning on the computer DUH!!! I got to school this morning and found out that my theory class was canceled again (instructor home sick, poor dick (JK he's pretty cool)) then I go to the Dean of Admissions office to give him a letter my fiance and I worked up. I am trying to get exempt from a required course that I don't need. Its called First Year Seminar this course comes in different flavors. it is basically a writing intensive course designed for the freshman just out of high school. I am NOT just out of high school. I have traveled enough miles to go around the world 3 times (and that was in just my last criuse) (i was in the navy for 6 years I think I have a pretty good appreciation for other cultures and shit) anyways I take this letter to his office and he is not there. I meet Brunhilda from my german class (apperently she is the secretary or something) and she tells me that he is at a conference today and tomorow and that she will give it to him on monday well I guess that is good enough. so now I am free for and hour or so what do I do? I come to the library and play on good ol computer just to find out that my First year seminar class is canceled too. DAMMIT I COULD HAVE SLEPT IN ALL MORNING!!!!!!! FARKING BASTARDS ahhhh that feels better

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Date:2003-08-29 09:23
Subject:yeah classes *cough BULLSHIT*
Mood: good

well the first week is done. music theory is cool I got the teacher that I wanted. My piano teacher tried to steal me away but I escaped like carmen san deigo (sp?) German kicks ass G and I suspect that our instructor is queer so he is funny as all hell.
I have a slight problem though. When G is just waking up, wether from nights sleep or snoozing on the couch, she is really cranky and sometimes down right mean in the way she speaks. Im not sure what to do We have talked about it and she always says that she wasn't being mean, but as we have said to each other many many times its the others perceptions that matters in that kind of situation. I know that she is not trying to be mean intentionaly but the things she says are just really biting. I try not to bite back but my irish blood just boils over and it becomes really hard to control myself. counting to ten no longer works. maby I should try biting my knee instead. ahh well enough bitching for now time to go pick up G and take her to class so she doesn't have to walk. it is our anniversary (SP?) after all

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Date:2003-08-26 15:23

Orange info
Your Heart is Orange

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

I dont get it I hate the fucking color orange.

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Date:2003-07-23 14:38
Subject:Two things
Mood: shocked


care of magical creatures
You excel at Care of Magical Creatures. You must
have a thing for those cute furry things...or
big scaley things...or scary firebreathing many
teethed things...

Which Class at Hogwarts Would You Excel at?
brought to you by Quizilla

Second. This computer has been locking up and just generally pissing me off. I went to google and typed in fucking machines (ranting about the computer) and this is what comes up. http://www.fukingmachines.com/updates/full0.php WOW I say WOW!!!! Lets start a new battle bots game show with these.
Can I get one with a big block V8? I just want it for show, that way I can say "hey Check this shit out!"

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Date:2003-07-23 14:34

yup still alive I guess thats saying something *Grin* Peace

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Date:2003-07-01 12:36
Subject:Speech class sucks
Mood: awake

I just wanted to get that off my chest. Anyways How is everyone, Yes I am talking to the two or three people that actually read this. Still no internet at the house so I am doing this durring a break at school. Things are good on the home front, mine and G's arguments are getting a lot more meaningful. My speeech class is 2 days away from being over YEAH then it will be class on tues and thurs in the afternoons only the rest of the time will be spent playing with my daughter and giving the *other* children some motivation.

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Date:2003-06-12 13:26
Subject:its been awhile

well Im finaly back. at least for a min. The internet got shut off at the house so I am forced to use library computer. I dont like the keyboard. Things are growing good. I have two living plants left out of about nine that I started. I had problems with the water out here and it ended up killing all but the two. The britta water works great. My largest plant (started at the bottom of the bucket) is now almost 2 and a half feet tall and starting its fifth row of leaves. Ill take a picture one of these days and show everyone. Maby it is just coincedence but my good plant is growing in an X-Men trash can. Maby that is why its doing so well, motivation.

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Date:2003-05-16 13:40
Subject:where the fuck is everyone

where did ya all go how are the kids doing? I am thinking mine are on the mend after being poisoned with bad water I don't think ill be getting a good harvest but hey stranger things have happened.... like idunno my fiance falling in love with me was unexpected so was my daughter so yeah good things happen to those who screw up.

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Date:2003-05-14 13:40
Subject:la de da de da
Mood: restless

2 more days of class and then a week of finals. Im only worried about my education foundations class. I have really fucked that class up. The name itself implies the basics of education and educating. I dunno I may have a warped view on the whole thing but Im not sure I just hope that I pass it so that I dont have to take it again. There is another calss that I refuse to worry about. My seminar in prose forms. Different forms of writing. I know nothing new about different styles of writing. The bitch instructor is a playwrite (SP?) Someone thought that she would be a good teacher because she writes good plays. I disagree, about both her being a good teacher and about her being a good playwrite. well enough bitching for now I cant wait till I can put some good news on here Like I finaly got the truck running good and I burned all the rubber off the tires in one day of playing. Yeah that would be good news.

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Date:2003-05-11 14:03
Mood: awake

ok two things how often should a person fertilize? what can happen if I use too much fertilizer? ok 3 things can you grow in pure bat shit?

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